"Want An Easy Way To Eliminate Anxiety & Increase Prosperity, Without All The Struggle, Hard Work, Or Wasted Time?"

Hi Friend! My name is Tim Shurr and I spent decades of my life feeling scared, anxious, and waiting for the next letdown to crush my dreams.

Even when things were going well, I kept feeling like the rug was going to be yanked out beneath me at any moment!

My greatest fear was that I wasn't good (smart, strong, resourceful) enough to survive whatever was coming.

Although I worked hard, and had attained many goals, the nagging fear that I was going to "run out of money," "lose my marriage," or "be stuck where I am rather than achieving my biggest dreams" was always in the back of my mind, and in the pit of my stomach.

It took 20 years to figure out why instead of playing to win in life, I was always trying not to lose. Yet, once I discovered what was driving all my fear and anxiety, it transformed my life forever!

If you are feeling anxious, blocked, stuck, or frustrated, keep reading and I'll share what turned it all around...

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"Am I Going To Be STUCK Like This...Forever?"

As a senior in high school, I took my first psychology class and learned that most people felt the same way I did.

We all have worries, fears, and negative thoughts that keep us up in the middle of the night.

I decided to pursue the field of psychology to figure out how to end my insecurities and fear.

Maybe I could even have more self-confidence and financial security, instead of feeling like a broke loser all the time.

I applied to a great school in California, but didn't get accepted, which just reinforced in my brain that "I'm not smart (or good) enough to attain BIG goals."

So I enrolled in a local college in Northern Indiana where I grew up.



One day, while sitting in a Counseling Processes class in college, a guest speaker presented on the topic of Hypnosis & The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind!

He said that hypnosis had been used for thousands of years to soothe anxieties and help people achieve goals faster and easier than other methods.

I was skeptical and knew nothing about hypnosis except for rumors that it can make you cluck like a chicken!



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Yet, the idea of eliminating anxiety and my constant self-sabotage was intriguing enough for me to raise my hand when he offered to hypnotize someone.

I sat on a chair in front of the class as the hypnotist asked me to follow his instructions. He suggested I close my eyes and imagine sunshine running through my body.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of lightness and warmth flow through my body.

And then it happened...

The knot that was a constant companion in the pit of my stomach disappeared! 

I couldn't believe it! I was fully aware, and could hear my classmates giggling as I slid deeper into the chair, but I did not care.

I was so relaxed and peaceful. THIS was the feeling I had yearned for my entire life!



For the next couple of days, I felt a sense of peace that was uncommon for me. The hypnotist said I would feel more confident and make smarter decisions, and for the most part, I did.

Then, after a few days, that glorious feeling began slipping away, and the worries returned. Although this was disappointing, 

I now knew there was a better way to live life!

I became obsessed with figuring out how to get those feelings of security, confidence, and inner peace back.

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It led me to completing a variety of Hypnotism Certification programs and learning dozens of transformational approaches for improving people's lives almost immediately!

I was so excited by the power of these tools, I'd walk up to random strangers offering to help them solve their biggest problems right then and there.

Many looked at me like I was nuts. But those who took me up on the challenge were startled by how fast the life-changing interventions worked!

Some had tears rolling down their cheeks as the heaviness they carried around since childhood melted away.

The most surprising part of this journey is that the general public, and most psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and therapists, are not aware of how powerful and effective these tools are. 

Many people take anxiety medication or go into therapy for years and never feel any better. Continue reading and I'll share why that is...  

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"What Is Extraordinary To Us Is Just Another Day At The Office For Tim Shurr."

I ended up earning a Master Degree in psychology while receiving Master level certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I opened up my private coaching practice in 1995 and have been freeing people of anxiety, stress, and self-sabotage ever since.

In the last two decades, I've facilitated over 15,000 individual hypnosis sessions and put in 30,000 hours of study and research into what drives the way you think, feel and behave, at an unconscious level.



Your brain is like a powerful computer, and it runs software programs just like your laptop or Smartphone. 

Computer programs have been developed for writing letters, doing taxes, creating movies, and playing video games.

Your brain runs software programs as well. Yet, these "mental software programs" are called BELIEFS and they are stored in the hard drive of your brain (your unconscious mind).

Your beliefs impact how you think, feel, and behave all day long. They are continually influencing the decisions you make, and the scary part is that 80% of your decisions are not being made with your permission!

In other words, most of our choices and habits are on auto-pilot. Brain researchers have proven that our unconscious mind makes decisions on what to do, or not do, almost five seconds before we have any conscious awareness that the choice has already been made.

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Imagine your unconscious mind is like a one-ton African elephant. Your conscious, analytical, reasonable mind is like a human being sitting on top of that mighty elephant.

Logically, it may appear the human is steering the elephant in the direction s/he wants to go. However, at any moment that elephant may decide to go in another direction, and there is nothing that human will be able to do but hold on!

Here are some examples you may relate to...

  • You tell yourself that, "Today I'm going on a diet" and then thirty minutes later you find yourself giving in to the box of donuts sitting on the countertop.

  • You decide that you are finally going to start that new business you've been dreaming of, and then spend the rest of the day procrastinating and hating yourself for it.

  • You decide that you're tired of feeling lonely, so you drag yourself to a social event, but then freeze up when presented with the opportunity to speak with someone you're attracted to.

  • You hire a coach to help you make breakthroughs in life, but then keep finding reasons for canceling your meetings at the last minute or following through on their advice.

  • You tell yourself you can't stand feeling broke, yet you won't spend a dime on personal development programs that would help you become more prosperous because you're already convinced they won't work for you!

  • You spend months or years working on your personal growth only to discover that you still feel blocked or stuck when it comes to attaining big goals, which makes you constantly wonder what's wrong with you...

If you're thinking, "Tim's describing me! How does he know this? Has he been spying through my window at night?"

I may not know you very well, but I recognize those sabotaging software programs (beliefs) from a mile away because I've behaved in all those ways described above as well. In fact, most people have.


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The core computer software programs (beliefs) that rule your adult life were formed in your brain by the time you were 12-years-old.

If it feels like you are battling a scared, angry, rebellious, or resentful kid inside your mind...it's because you are! 

The majority of people do not realize how much the experiences of their past influence the choices they make in the present.

Most people have experienced some form of trauma. Being picked on or humiliated by a friend, neighbor, or teacher.

Feeling embarrassed about your body or being scared while standing in front of a classroom giving a speech.

There are a thousand ways human beings can experience emotional and physical pain.

However, it's not the experience that impacts you later on in life, but the unconscious BELIEF that formed as a result of that experience.

If you get bit by a rattlesnake, the bite can be painful and scary. Yet, it's not the snake bite that harms people. Instead, it's the poisonous venom that's left inside the body.

To save someone from this experience, you must remove the venom!

To stop feeling scared, anxious, stuck, frustrated, unmotivated... 

Or to quit sabotaging, procrastinating, criticizing, and punishing yourself...

You have to get the poisonous BELIEFS OUT of your unconscious mind!

I've been able to do this for myself, and for tens of thousands of people. The following are 12 of the most common poisonous beliefs.


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12 Beliefs That 
Your Happiness

  • I'm not good enough.

  • I don't deserve to be happy.

  • Only greedy, selfish people have lots of money.

  • If I take care of myself, I'm being selfish (or not a good Christian.)

  • Even if I put in the effort, it's not going to work out (for me) anyway.

  • What if I try and fail? People will think I'm a loser or a fraud.

  • If I pursue my goals, loved ones might abandon me.

  • I'm not smart or good enough to figure out how to accomplish my goals. (Or, if I can't figure it out on my own, it means I'm a sad loser.)  

  • I'm not worthy of being loved. (This causes self-loathing and procrastination.)

  • I'm not able to improve my life because of what I've been through in the past. (Feelings of guilt, shame, brokenness.)

  • I don't have the time, energy, motivation, or the money to make things better. (Fear of failure.)

  • I'm too lazy... (Don't believe the situation could improve.)


Do YOU have any of those self-limiting beliefs? 
I used to believe ALL of them! :(

There's lots of reasons for this. I'm sure you have your own hurtful memories from childhood.


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After decades of helping people uncover their unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs, I discovered that you can UPGRADE your mental software programs!

 When you do so, it transforms your life in a beautiful way...

Suddenly, people who could not stop procrastinating found themselves being able to focus, follow-through, and attain their goals!

Those who secretly did not like themselves began treating themselves with love, acceptance, and compassion.

This led to happier marriages, more financial prosperity, and significantly improved health and vitality!

Those who felt like they always felt short of reaching their BIG goals finally closed the gap and made their DREAMS come true!


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I can spend the next six months sharing testimonials with you from those who've taken this journey of upgrading their unconscious programming.

Yet, you only have one question. "Yah, but will it work for me?" That's the question everyone asks. In addition to, "How much does this cost?" (scarcity beliefs.)

Our fearful beliefs cause us to think that we are somehow completely different from other humans.

Even if you read hours worth of testimonials, you still might think, "I know. It's helped others. I've heard that before. But I've wasted lots of money on programs that say they are going to change my life, and that never seems to happen."

I felt the exact same way at one time! Yet, I was so desperate to stop feeling anxious, broke, or stuck...that I'd try one more time anyway.

That is how I found my way to success, and YOU will too!

You miss 100% of the shots you never take, so the only way to gain your emotional, physical, mental, and financial FREEDOM is to take the next step forward!

If you're still reading this message of HOPE, then you definitely need to take the next step because you are ready for an awakening!

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Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Results After Going Through The Awakening Experience!


"What Is An Awakening?"

An awakening is the process of upgrading self-destructive unconscious beliefs (mental software), so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life!

Here's how it works...

STEP 1: Uncover self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from improving your health, wealth, relationships, and peace of mind!

STEP 2: Replace those hurtful beliefs with more empowering "mental software," which significantly increases your ability to achieve goals and feel more confident.

STEP 3: Clarify what would make you most happy and satisfied in life. This third step is essential because most people are unclear about what they want.

You have to name it, to claim it! In other words, you have to be clear on what you want so you can draw it into your life.


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Have you ever used a computer GPS (Global Positioning System) to find a particular destination? These days, GPS is built right into your Smartphone. "Hey Siri/Alexa, take me to the nearest post office."

Once you've clarified where you want GPS to take you, the software program starts providing clear instructions for how to arrive at your desired destination. "Please make the next available U-turn."

But what if you don't know where you want to go? Or worse, you try getting to your destination by listing all the places you don't want to end up! "Hey Siri/Alexa, I don't want to go to the grocery store, gas station, or restaurant."

This is how many the majority of people subconsciously try to achieve their goals. If you focus on what you don't want, or on what you are trying to avoid or get away from, you'll end up moving away from your desired destination.

For example, if you say, "I want to stop procrastinating and putting things off," your brain's GPS hear's procrastination and put things off, which is then what is acts upon! 

Instead, you would say, "I feel motivated organizing the papers on my desk. It feels good having a clean, organized desk with everything in its proper place!" Now the GPS in your brain hears and acts upon words like motivated, organized, clean, everything in its proper place.


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How Long Will It Take Before I Start Seeing Results?

Over time, I began calling the coaching experience the Surviving to Thriving Prosperity Mindset Experience. I've been taking people through this process for decades and paid attention to what caused people to succeed, or self-destruct.

Over time, I mapped out what specifically made people successful and broke it down into seven easy steps. I used to take people through one step per week over a seven-week period.

Yet, clients kept saying, "I feel so good! Can we go through the steps faster so I can make quicker progress?" I always smile when I hear that because I'm the same way. I want to feel happy and prosperous as fast as possible! If you're like this too, you'll LOVE what I did next.

I streamlined each step in the awakening process so you could complete one Lesson per day and transform your life in a week!  

I call it the 7-Day Surviving-To-Thriving Prosperity Mindset Challengeand after many years of sharing it with private clients, I've finally released this program to the general public.

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In addition to helping clients upgrade their self-limiting beliefs, I also began helping them CLARIFY what would make them most happy in life, so they could finally arrive at their desired destination! 

When I added this CLARIFICATION piece to their coaching experience, people consistently made huge breakthroughs that led to a much higher quality of life.

AND, the results they experienced were long-lasting and sustainable!

Those who went through my awakening experience starting feeling instantly more confident and motivated, which increased their ability to get things done!

The feeling of being blocked or stuck disappeared and they finally achieved goals like losing weight, being more outgoing, getting the house organized, or growing their business!

"Start Living Your Best Life Today!"

The Surviving To Thriving Online Awakening Experience takes you on an exciting 7-Day Journey that significantly enhances your self-confidence, clarity, inner peace, and prosperity!

What's Included In Your 7-Day Journey!

Step #1 - Prosperity Mindset Lesson Plans!

Receive Daily Lesson Plans over the course of one week, complete with a special "prosperity-creating" experiences to help you cultivate a happy, successful mindset!

The written Lessons help you create space in your busy life, so you can CLARIFY what your DREAM LIFE looks like. (You have to name it, to claim it!)

We will utilize the POWER of FOCUS to start manifesting YOUR BEST LIFE today!

Step #2 - Prosperity Mindset Audio Coaching Sessions!

In addition, you'll also receive a daily audio coaching session of each written "Prosperity Mindset" lesson, so Tim Shurr can personally guide you through the prosperity-creating experiences!

Our clients requested programs they could listen to "on the go" (while driving, exercising, etc). They also wanted to be personally led through the "Prosperity Mindset" experiences by Tim Shurr.

"Ask and you shall receive!" Thus, Tim created these audio coaching sessions in response to these requests and added additional insights to each audio Lesson!

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Step #3 - Prosperity Mindset Hypnosis Session

Increase confidence, prosperity, and inner peace with this proven "mind-training" Hypnosis audio program! 

Prosperity Mindset Hypnosis (in MP3 format) gently instructs your Unconscious Mind to notice, attract, and act upon opportunities that leave you feeling happy and satisfied with your daily life!

This unique "brain software" program was developed after helping tens of thousands of people, just like you, achieve life-enhancing goals

"Take The 7-Day Challenge Now & Receive 3 Free Bonuses!"


As more people went through this experience, I realized the average person hasn't spent 30 years researching personal development. So I created additional self-empowerment resources that "filled in the learning gaps," and give you an extra advantage! Normally, these proven resources have an additional fee. Yet, I want to ensure YOU have an extraordinary experience, so they are included in your 7-Day Challenge!

Bonus #1 - Mesmerizing Mindset Checklist!

Prosperity Mindset Checklist 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear, easy, step-by-step path for strengthening your confidence, focus, and drive? Here it is! This unique "checklist" will help you create an abundance mindset, while increasing your self-esteem because your net worth is determined by your self-worth! ($97 Value)

Bonus #2 - E-Book
"The Cure For Self-Sabotage!"

The Cure For Self-Sabotage E-Book!

Discover how to recognize and eliminate the top 10 most destructive self-sabotages from your life! This short, powerful E-book shares secrets for making dreams com discovered after facilitating over 15,000 individual Hypnosis Coaching Sessions. You'll have the SECRET MIND CODES for using the power of your mind to create your life by design! (Priceless Value)

Bonus #3 - "The Science Of Getting Rich!" Training Guide

The Science Of Getting Rich Training Guide!

Sir Wallace Wattles wrote a classic book on accumulating wealth and now YOU will possess his most profound secrets for using "universal laws of attraction" to create miracles in your life!" ($97 Value) 

"Ready To UPGRADE Your Health, Wealth, Happiness & Peace Of Mind?"

Enroll In This 7-Day Challenge Now!"




ONLY $77
(That's $10 per coaching session!)

"Yes! I'm In!"
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If you want a "No BS" approach for triumphing over obstacles, attaining goals, and never feeling stuck again, I strongly urge you to join me over the next seven days!

It will be an incredibly rewarding experience and you'll walk away with greater confidence, a 
prosperity mindset, and a path for making YOUR DREAMS come true!

Tim Shurr, MA
Your Prosperity Coach







"Claim Your Free Bonus Gifts & The Additional $20 Savings Now!"

The Biggest Names In Personal Development Love This Challenge!

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Les Brown - #1 Motivational Speaker In The World!

"Tim Shurr is a mesmerizing force for good in this world! He will challenge, inspire, and lift you UP! If you are hungry for success, Tim will help you discover your greatness!"

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Denis Waitley - Multiple Best Selling Author & Speaker!

"Tim Shurr is a change agent you can trust!"

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Mitzi Perdue - Author & Heiress Of Sheraton Hotels & Perdue Farms!

"Tim truly lives up to the excellence of his programs!"

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Jim Cathcart, Multiple Best Selling Author & Speaker!

"I’ve studied with the Masters in this field, and now I’ve discovered a new Master, Tim Shurr. Truly, he will help you make profound changes in your mind that will show up as breakthroughs in your life!"

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Bob Burg - New York Times Best-Selling Author!

"Tim Shurr is the pro's pro!"

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Chief John Buckman, III — Retired, Intl. Association of Fire Chief’s

"Tim is unequaled in his ability to create enthusiasm and results! We’ve brought him in as the main keynote at two of our national conferences. Our 700 guests are still buzzing about his last program!"

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Genay Airey — ChFC, President, Airey Insurance

"Since hosting one of Mr. Shurr’s powerful seminars, I have seen a dramatic increase in overall production and morale. I strongly recommend his programs to anyone seeking to reach their full selling potential!"

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Andrew Kyres — VP Business Development, Sand Ridge Bank

What an outstanding presentation! In one brief session, many in the group became more positive, enthusiastic, and motivated. Tim Shurr is a pleasure to work with!

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Michael Joeston

"Tim provides amazing information that you can use RIGHT NOW to start empowering your life. I know that for me, I will see benefits for my business immediately."

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Terra Marco

Tim Shurr's Surviving to Thriving ‘Prosperity Mindset’ program provides wisdom and life-changing insights. Go through the material with focus, put thought and effort into the prosperity exercises, and actively apply the strategies - and you’ve got a game-changer here! The daily activities are totally fun and workable with your schedule. I’ve completed the course, and now I’m reviewing the materials and practicing the strategies. And guess what? It gets even more effective and valuable as you practice and apply what you learn! I love this course and glad there is another one in the works. 

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Todd Vedon


"This really opened my eyes on how to overcome my personal barricades in sales. I have a tendency to be shy, with the tools taught to me, I feel like I can overcome this. I look forward to additional information to better myself and my profession."

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Joe Bayer

"Recently I had the privilege of attending one of Tim Shurr’s Seminars and I was blown away! That seminar has positively influenced every area of my life and Tim is without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite speakers and authors."

"30-Day Satisfaction Safety Net!"

If you don't feel this program delivers on its promises, request a refund within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund. You can also keep the bonuses! We want YOU to be happy, so this is a ZERO risk safety net!"

"Your Best Life Is A Click Away! 

Start Your 7-Day Dream-Creating 

(Package Value = $1,722)


"Yes! I'm Ready!"