"Gain Unshakeable Confidence & Watch Dreams Come True With This Easy-To-Use Technique!"


"This 7-Day Experience Will Significantly Improve Your Life!"

"Yes! Upgrade My Life!"

"Are Others Luckier Than YOU?"

Ever wonder how other people seem to get all the fortunate breaks, and you don't? Why are they attracting everything they want in life, but it's a constant STRUGGLE for you?

If you feel blocked, or held back from living life on your terms, please keep reading and you'll discover how to BE one of these "lucky" people!

The TRUTH is most feel like there is an INVISIBLE WALL that continually SABOTAGES your ability to feel confident, focused and motivated enough to transform GOALS into reality.

"If You Feel STUCK, It's Because There IS An Invisible Wall Holding You Back!"

Well, not actually a wall...

What holds you back from having inner peace, happiness, and abundant prosperity are UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS from your past! 

Your BRAIN is like a super POWERFUL computer, and it runs software programs.

Computers run software programs for writing documents, doing taxes, and playing video games.

Your brain runs software programs that determine what you believe about yourself, others, and the world around you. These "mental software programs" in your brain are called BELIEFS. 

The beliefs you have about yourself determine how you think, feel, and behave at all times!

If you have a belief that you are unworthy or "not smart enough" to achieve a goal, which is what I used to believe about myself, than no matter how hard you try to succeed...

...you won't.

It's NOT because any of that is accurate. In fact, 99% of the fears we have about ourselves are FALSE!

13 Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success:

  • I'm not good enough.
  • I don't deserve to be happy.
  • Only greedy people have lots of money.
  • If I take care of myself, I'm being selfish (or not a good Christian.)
  • Even if I put in the effort, it's not going to work out (for me) anyway.
  • Things haven't worked out in the past, so they probably won't go well in the future either.
  • What if I try and fail? People will think I'm a terrible person (or a fraud).
  • If I pursue my goals, others might abandon me.
  • I don't know HOW to accomplish my goals (and I'm not smart enough to figure it out.)
  • I don't believe in myself (no self-confidence), so I won't follow through.
  • I can't improve my life because of what I've been through in the past.
  • I don't have the time, energy, motivation, or the money to make things better.
  • I'm too lazy...

"You'll Be Shocked By How Fast Your Life Will IMPROVE!"

Do YOU have any of those self-limiting beliefs?
I used to believe ALL of them! :(

I've always BATTLED with ANXIETY. There's lots of reasons for this. I'm sure you have your own hurtful memories from childhood.

Those painful experiences would eventually set me on a journey to figure out how an anxious, broke, self-sabotager like myself could have inner peace and unshakeable self-confidence.

I desperately wanted to go from rags-to-riches, like those people you see on TV (or now, Social Media.)  

When I (barely) graduated high school, I enrolled in a local community college and majored in Psychology. I felt like a mess and was hoping I could figure out how to TAKE CONTROL of my fearful mind.

One day, a guest speaker came to class and talked about THE POWER OF YOUR MIND and how HYPNOSIS was used to help people achieve goals faster and easier!

I was intrigued, but definitely SKEPTICAL

When asked for a volunteer, I quickly raised my hand, thinking, "Sure, I'll cluck like a chicken." (I used humor to get people to like me, even if it got me into trouble...) 

Have you ever done dumb things trying to chase someone's approval or validation? (Ugh!)

What happened next SHOCKED me, and it changed the course of my life...forever! 

The Hypnotist started giving me relaxing suggestions and within minutes a wave of PEACEFUL SERENITY washed over me...

I was aware of being in the classroom and I could even hear other students giggling as they watched me completely relax before their eyes...

Yet, I didn't care!

This was the BEST I had ever felt my entire life! That anxious knot in the pit of my stomach completely vanished and the Hypnotist fed my mind a whole new set of BELIEFS...

Suddenly my mind was being led to feel WORTHY, CONFIDENCE, and RESOURCEFUL!

After that experience, which lasted about 15 minutes, even though it felt like I had been on a MINI-VACATION for hours...

...I felt AMAZING! Like I could CONQUER the world!

For the next week, it felt like WALKING ON A CLOUD...

Eventually the old "head trash" began seeping back in...and the ANXIETY returned.

I desperately wanted this BLISSFUL feeling back, so I looked up that Hypnotist and asked how I could learn to do this to help myself, and then others.

That life-altering experience I shared with you happened 31 years ago! (Wow,! Time flies, huh? :)

"Do You Have MAGIC Within YOU To Make YOUR Dreams Come True?"

The answer is "YES!" and I'll PROVE it!

I completed my training in Psychology, yet the BEST RESULTS were experienced from learning how to use Hypnosis to unleash my inner GREATNESS!

I opened my first Coaching Practice in 1995, and since then, have facilitated over 15,000 individual Hypnosis transformation sessions. (That's a lot!)

Since then, I've become an award-winning authority on helping people triumph over ANXIETY, TRAUMA, and SELF-SABOTAGE.

I've worked with, interviewed, and personally coached some of the highest achieving people in the world. I've also just completed a new book with Dr. Joe Vitale, entitled, Surviving To Thriving! This course is based on the principles and exercise in that ground-breaking book!

After 30 Years Of Hypotizing
People, This Hidden SECRET Emerged!

Your MIND is SO POWERFUL, you can literally UPGRADE the quality of your life...TODAY

In the late 1980s, I started my journey with one question. How do people make my dreams come true? Now, after investigating for three decades, here's the ANSWER!

You MUST upgrade self-limiting beliefs stored in your Unconscious Mind that continually sabotage your ability to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind...in your life!  

Remember the analogy about "your brain being like a computer," and your beliefs are like computer programs?

If you just tell your computer to change programs, it won't. You have to use the keyboard to stop one program, and start a new one.

The same is true for your brain. If you try using "positive thinking" to get yourself to change a behavior (program), it won't.  :(

This is why it feels like you're fighting with your own brain!

INSTEAD, you need to access your brain's keyboard, turn off the old programs (anxiety, scarcity, self-sabotage)...

...AND TURN ON the new program that provides you an ABUNDANCE of self-confidence, desire and drive! 

This is the "secret sauce" that will give you the ability to FINALLY turn your dreams into a reality!

I call this journey "Surviving To Thriving!" and as you travel down this path, you'll discover the "Prosperity Principles" that lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life!

"How Do I Upgrade My Mind? 
Can You Do It For Me?"

Yes! It is an honor and privilege to partner with you as we significantly improve the QUALITY and RICHNESS of your life!

Of course, I can't do all of the manifesting for you. BUT, I can certainly SPEED UP the process and give you STEP-BY-STEP instructions for...

  • Connecting with your inner strength and reclaiming your life! You get to decide how to think, feel, and live...not experiences or people from your past!
  • Feeling confident, worthy, whole, and MORE than good enough to excel in all areas of life!
  • UPGRADING your ability to increase health, wealth, and happiness in fun, easy, and more automatic ways! (Yes! This IS possible when you know how to do it.)

Watch This 4-Minute Video & See What's Possible For You!


"Is This Going To Be Hard,
Or Take A Long Time?"


The PATH I'm inviting you on will feel comfortable and set you AT EASE because we will take things one step at a time, and make the journey FUN!

There are 5 Core Areas where you may desire Transformation

They are...

1) Mindset (Self-Confidence) 
2) Physical Health (Energy, Weight Loss)
3) Money (Financial Prosperity)
4) Relationships (Love & Connection)
5) Spirituality (Inner Peace). 

When applying the Prosperity Principles to the 5 Core Areas, you will experience more consistent breakthroughs in a shorter amount of time because this method works better than what you've tried in the past.

Plus, the RESULTS are long-lasting because we are "re-training your brain" with more empowering "success habits" that generate more joy & prosperity!

Instead of attempting to IMPROVE all the areas of your life at once, we are going to take "smaller journey's" that ultimately lead to the HAPPINESS you desire!

Each 7-DAY JOURNEY will focus on improving one of the 5 Core Areas of your life.

Because your MINDSET determines your level of success more than another other factor, we will begin here!

"Start Living Your Best Life Today!"

The "Surviving To Thriving" Online Coaching Program takes you on an exciting 7-Day Journey that increases INNER PEACE & PROSPERITY in all areas of your life!"

What's Included In Your 7-Day Journey!

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Prosperity Lessons & Experiences!

You'll participate in one "Prosperity Mindset" written activity each day over the course of a week, where you'll UPGRADE self-sabotaging beliefs and gain clarity on how to make your life FULFILLING, JOYFUL & REWARDING! ($997 Value)

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7 Prosperity Audio Coaching Sessions!

In addition, you'll also receive a daily audio coaching session of each written "Prosperity Mindset" lesson, where Tim Shurr will personally guide you through the insights and prosperity-creating experiences! ($197 Value)

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"Prosperity" Mind-Training 
Hypnosis Session!

You also get a powerful Hypnosis Audio Program for releasing the FULL POWER of your mind! Effortlessly attract prosperity, enjoy greater inner peace, and start living YOUR BEST LIFE now! ($297 Value)

Step #1 - Prosperity Mindset Lesson Plans!

Receive Daily Lesson Plans over the course of one week, complete with a special "prosperity-creating" experiences to help you cultivate an "abundance mindset!"

* The written Lessons help you create space in your busy life, so you can CLARIFY what your DREAM LIFE looks like. "You have to name it, to claim it!"

We will utilize the POWER of FOCUS to start manifesting YOUR BEST LIFE today!

Step #2 - Prosperity Mindset Audio Coaching Sessions!

In addition, you'll also receive a daily audio coaching session of each written "Prosperity Mindset" lesson, where Tim Shurr will personally guide you through the insights and prosperity-creating experiences!

* Our students requested programs they could listen to "on the go" (while driving, exercising, etc). They also wanted to be personally led through the "Prosperity Mindset" experiences by Tim Shurr.

"Ask and you shall receive!" Thus, Tim created these audio coaching sessions in response to these requests and added additional insights to each audio Lesson!

Step #3 - Mesmerizing Mindset "Mind-Training" Hypnosis Session!

Effortlessly attract prosperity, enjoy more inner peace, and start living YOUR BEST LIFE with this incredible "mind-training" program! 

The Prosperity Mindset Hypnosis audio program (in MP3 format) gently instructs your Subconscious Mind to notice, attract, and act upon opportunities that lead to emotional and financial fulfillment!

* This unique "brain software" program was developed after helping tens of thousands of people, just like you, achieve life-changing goals

You will FEEL confident, energized, and MOTIVATED from filling your AWESOME mind with these "prosperity attracting affirmations" while sleeping at night!

Conditioning yourself for SUCCESS doesn't get any EASIER than this!


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"Prosperity Mindset Checklist" 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a STEP-BY-STEP path for strengthening CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, and DETERMINATION? Well... now you do! This "checklist" will help you create an "ABUNDANCE" mindset while increasing self-worth. After all, they say "Your net worth is determined by your self-worth!" ($97 Value)

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"The Cure For Self-Sabotage" E-Book!

Learn what the Top 10 self-sabotages are and how to ELIMINATE them from your life! This unique E-book shares the hidden "mindset secrets" discovered after facilitating over 15,000 individual Hypnosis Coaching Sessions. You'll have the SECRET MIND CODES for making your DREAMS come true! ($37 Value)

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Classic... "The Science Of Getting Rich" Training Guide!

Sir Wallace Wattles wrote a classic book on accumulating wealth and now YOU will possess his most profound secrets for using "universal laws of attraction" to create miracles in your life!" ($97 Value) 

Bonus #1 - Mesmerizing Mindset Checklist!

Receive an Action Plan for creating better health, more wealth, and peace of mind!

* Improving your life can feel OVERWHELMING! "I don't know what I should be doing?"

Therefore, you will NOW have a step-by-step "Prosperity Checklist," so you NEVER get STUCK, and always know what your next move should be! 

Bonus #2 - E-Book
"The Cure For Self-Sabotage!"

Receive 10 Mind Techniques for Harnessing the FULL POWER of Your Subconscious Mind. Never get in your own way again!

* Self-sabotage holds people back more than anything else! This extraordinary E-book reveals EXACTLY how to "program your Subconscious Mind" to attain whatever your heart desires!  

What took DECADES of research to acquire, will now take you less than an hour to learn!

Bonus #3 - "The Science Of Getting Rich!" Training Guide

This classic by Sir Wallace Wattles shows you step-by-step how to use the "universal laws of attraction" to create your DREAM life!

* If you're the kind of person that likes to dive deeper into the "Universal Laws Of Success," you're going to LOVE this MANUAL for creating fame and fortune! (If you're into that stuff...)

"Ready To UPGRADE Your Health, Wealth, Happiness & Peace Of Mind?"

Enroll In This 7-Day Experience Now!"

(Package Value = $1,722)


"Yes! I'm In!"
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If you want a "No BS" approach for triumphing over obstacles, attaining goals, and never feeling stuck again, I strongly urge you to embark on this journey with me!

It will be an incredibly rewarding experience and you'll walk away with unshakable confidence, a Prosperity Mindset, and a path for making YOUR DREAMS come true!

Tim Shurr, MA
Your Prosperity Coach

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"Tim Shurr is a mesmerizing force for good in this world! He will challenge, inspire, and lift you UP! If you are hungry for success, Tim will help you discover your greatness!"

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Denis Waitley - Multiple Best Selling Author & Speaker!

"Tim Shurr is a change agent you can trust!"

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"Tim truly lives up to the excellence of his programs!"

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"I’ve studied with the Masters in this field, and now I’ve discovered a new Master, Tim Shurr. Truly, he will help you make profound changes in your mind that will show up as breakthroughs in your life!"

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Bob Burg - New York Times Best-Selling Author!

"Tim Shurr is the coaches coach!"

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Chief John Buckman, III — Retired, Intl. Association of Fire Chief’s

"Tim is unequaled in his ability to create enthusiasm and results! We’ve brought him in as the main keynote at two of our national conferences. Our 700 guests are still buzzing about his last program!"

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Genay Airey — ChFC, President, Airey Insurance

"Since hosting one of Mr. Shurr’s powerful seminars, I have seen a dramatic increase in overall production and morale. I strongly recommend his programs to anyone seeking to reach their full selling potential!"

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Andrew Kyres — VP Business Development, Sand Ridge Bank

What an outstanding presentation! In one brief session, many in the group became more positive, enthusiastic, and motivated. Tim Shurr is a pleasure to work with!

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Michael J.

"Tim provides amazing information that you can use RIGHT NOW to start empowering your life. I know that for me, I will see benefits for my business immediately."

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Terra M.

Tim Shurr's Surviving to Thriving ‘Prosperity Mindset’ program provides wisdom and life-changing insights. Go through the material with focus, put thought and effort into the prosperity exercises, and actively apply the strategies - and you’ve got a game-changer here! The daily activities are totally fun and workable with your schedule. I’ve completed the course, and now I’m reviewing the materials and practicing the strategies. And guess what? It gets even more effective and valuable as you practice and apply what you learn! I love this course and glad there is another one in the works. 

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Todd V.


"This really opened my eyes on how to overcome my personal barricades in sales. I have a tendency to be shy, with the tools taught to me, I feel like I can overcome this. I look forward to additional information to better myself and my profession."

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Joe B.

"Recently I had the privilege of attending one of Tim Shurr’s Seminars and I was blown away! That seminar has positively influenced every area of my life and Tim is without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite speakers and authors."

"30-Day Satisfaction Safety Net!"

If you don't feel this program delivers on it's promises, request a refund within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund. You can also keep the bonuses! We want YOU to be happy, so this is a ZERO risk safety net!"

"Your Best Life Is A Click Away! 

Enroll In This 7-Day Dream-Creating  Experience Now!"

(Package Value = $1,722)


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