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"Discover How Fire Chiefs Are Quickly Improving Morale & Collaboration Within Their Fire Department!"

Fire Chiefs, Officers, and EMS Leaders Want Leadership Education To Help Lower Negativity and Stress, While Increasing Collaboration, Retention & Morale In Their Department!

Next Class: Feb 3rd - April 14, 2021
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"We Receive Continual Training In Rescue, Safety & Compliance, But We Need Better Leadership Skills Training!"

Fire Chiefs & Officers are well-trained in the "hard skills" of the job. Yet, desire more leadership training for effectively handling the various issues that arise when managing people. This online course is for those who want practical solutions YOU can apply immediately to solve common "people problems, while building future leaders and strong department cultures!"

Fire Chiefs & Officers Want Better Tools For..

  • Motivating different types of people within your Fire Dept. and dealing with difficult people.
  • Getting older & younger generations to respect and cooperate with one another.
  • Causing younger generations to value the importance of maintaining traditional values in the Fire Department.
  • Strengthening team dynamics between paid and volunteer staff and eliminating disrespectful or discriminating communication.
  • Optimizing the productivity and leadership skills of everyone on your team, so you can focus on what you're best at as a Fire Chief.
  • Improving low productivity or the lack of measured accountability with specific team members.
  • Healing toxic work environments
  • Increasing retention and attracting top talent because you have a strong, positive culture.
  • Effectively leading people who are your friends. 
  • Balancing the challenges of work and home life.
  • Knowing how to have sensitive conversations when it comes to diversity and inclusion in your fire department.


✅ Easy-To-Apply Techniques For Putting Out "People Fires" and Quickly Resolving Conflicts! 

✅ Gain New Insights For Inspiring People Of Varying Ages, Genders, and Cultures To Increase Discretionary Effort!.

✅ Acquire "Boots On The Ground" Tactics For Calmly Leading Others In High-Pressure Situations!

✅ Learn Proven Methods For Using Values-Based Leadership To Strengthen Morale, Camaraderie, and Teamwork!

✅ Receive A "Plan Of Action" For Improving Self-Care For Fire Chiefs!


At the end of this training, you will see a significant improvement of productivity, collaboration, and morale within your Fire Department from implementing the "Mesmerizing Leadership" strategies acquired!

Graduates of this program will feel more confident, self-assured, and equipped to handle the complexities of managing different personality types of both paid and volunteer Fire Fighters.


♦️Six (1-Hour) "Live" Online Group Classes with Tim Shurr, every two weeks (bi-monthly) over the course of three months. ($1800 Value) 

♦️Full Access to Video & Audio Recordings of all six "live" Classes stored in a Free online Membership Site. ($977 Value)

♦️Additional Support & Coaching In Between Classes From Your Leadership Coach, Tim Shurr. ($977 Value)

♦️Downloadable Review Handouts of Strategies Learned during each Class. ($97 Value)

♦️Short Quiz & Assignment after each Class for Retention & Reinforcement. ($60 Value)

♦️Certificate Of Completion at end of class when all 6 quizzes have been completed.

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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Practical Skills

You'll learn POWER & EFFECTIVE persuasive communication skills for quickly increasing trust, compliance and follow through! 

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Real-Time Feedback

Classes are INTERACTIVE, so you can get your QUESTIONS ANSWERED on the spot. You'll also learn from fellow Chiefs who are enrolled in the class!

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Ongoing Support

You'll have FULL ACCESS to your trainer during the "live" group coaching calls AND in between sessions, throughout the class!

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#1 Bonus! "5 More Mesmerizing Leadership Interviews!"

Receive 5 more amazing interviews from some of the countries top performing leaders! Learn secrets from Hall Of Fame Speakers and authors that you can apply in your Fire Department today! ($97 Value)

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#2 Bonus! "Stress Management For 1st Responders & Your Spouse!"

Attend a transformative breakout session during an IAFC/VCOS conference where Tim Shurr shares some of his best mental strategies for reducing stress with a room of Fire Chiefs and their spouses! ($97 Value)

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Tim is an award-winner Leadership trainer, TEDx speaker, and expert on Unconscious beliefs, biases, and influential communication. 

He's the author of 5 books including Get Out Of Your Way, The Power Of Optimism, and One Belief Away!

His Shurr ! Success peak performance strategies are so effective, he's been featured over 50 times on TV networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX News, and hundreds of radio and podcast programs around the world!

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Chief John Buckman, III — International Association of Fire Chiefs (Retired)

Tim’s program is unequaled in his ability to create audience participation. We’ve brought him in as the main keynote at two of our national conferences. Our 700 guests are still buzzing about his last program!


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Chief Ron Oliver Jr.

"Good evening Tim. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity, to participate in this very informative class. Each session gave an eye opening perspective, on how to focus on our team and take the focus off of ourselves. Transparency and empathy is what makes a good leader and your sessions have given us many tools to use to make this happen. Thank you again and I look forward to future training with you!"

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Lori Brill - City Of Golden, CO

"I can’t thank you and Kaitlin enough for the opportunity to attend this course! It was amazing and I learned a ton. I will be recommending it to not only our Fire Chief, but all of our members here at Golden Fire. Thank you!"

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Chief Jeffrey A. Ballew

"I greatly appreciate your time and willingness to help the leadership in the fire service.  I really enjoyed the course and feel that chiefs and leadership can all benefit from your program."

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Joyce W. Shry EMT, RRC

"I attended one of your sessions at VCOS and am so grateful to Chief Buckman for his input and your knowledge to create a program like this for us! Everyone should have to attend this training!"

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Marybeth Henry - Sterling Rescue

"Tim, I just finished your amazing course! It has allowed me to made real changes.  I appreciated the section on self-care as well because if we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot help those around us.
I really appreciate the time you put into the program for us -- it is super helpful, and I am looking forward to continuing to implement what I have learned in the weeks and months ahead."
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Andrea Butcher — VP of Leadership Development, Defenders

DEFENDERS is so fortunate to get to work with Tim Shurr! Tim’s recent work with our 200 field leaders definitely lived up to his reputation as a world-renowned facilitator. I have worked with hundreds of facilitator and presenters in my 20 years of leadership development work, and Tim is one of the all-time best. He will exceed your expectations!


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Chief Larry Feinman

"I really appreciated the information you provided. It was very educational, inspiring and valuable as far as self-growth and understanding how to become a mesmerizing leader on all levels. I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to learn and improve themselves!"
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William Voloch, MBA — CFO, The Medical Center of Aurora

Tim’s presentation was a breath of fresh air to everyone in attendance. He did a fantastic job of inspiring and motivating everyone to look past the obstacles you have in your life. His approach is innovative and fresh and was a huge success. He really helped all of us visualize how to make things better in both our personal and professional lives and I would highly recommend him to coach and inspire any organization.


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