"Introduction To Hypnosis!"

Enjoy this uplifting training with America's Top Hypnotist, TIM SHURR, and discover how to use the POWER of HYPNOSIS to create your life by design!


What Is Hypnosis?

In this video, world-class Clinical Hypnotist, Tim Shurr, explains what hypnosis is and why it's so transformative!


Hypnosis Myths

In this video, Tim addresses the common misconceptions that make people skeptical or afraid of hypnosis and why you won't feel any of that once you experience it in the following video!


"Total Confidence" Hypnosis Session

The best way to discover how much you love hypnosis is to experience it for yourself! During this session, you'll be guided through a popular hypnosis experience titled, Total Confidence." Sit back, get comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy this empowering 30-minute "mind massage."


Debriefing Your Experience

This short, wrap-up video answers common questions people have after experiencing their first hypnosis session. Questions like "Was I really hypnotized?" "Was I supposed to be asleep?" "What if I don't remember what you said? Will it still work?" Enjoy!

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