Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Own Success?

A special message from prosperity icon, Randy Gage...


Dear Colleague,

If you’re reading this, it probably means you took the Prosperity Quotient Test and discovered you have a negative or lack-centered mindset. (Or need to “upgrade” a mindset that isn’t quite where it needs to be.) You’re certainly not alone. There are literally millions of people who have a conscious desire to become wealthier and more successful – but have subconscious negative programming that is causing them to short-circuit or self-sabotage their own success. And if you know anything about the power of the subconscious mind – you know that in any conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious always wins. No contest. 

Not.  Even.  Close.

There are millions of mind viruses circulating the world now.  Similar to the way a computer virus infects a hard drive, these viruses infect your mind.  They’re highly contagious and self-replicating, because they parasitize and infect the host (you). Some of these mind viruses are innocent enough or even positive such as a beguiling slogan like “Just Do It,” or a catchy tune like "The Edge of Glory" from Lady Gaga.

Unfortunately, most of the mind viruses floating around today are not so innocent...

They create and/or reinforce negative, limiting beliefs that are not in your highest good.  And the most powerful and prevalent of these mind viruses revolve around money and success.  They include:

  • Money is evil
  • It’s noble or spiritual to be poor
  • Rich people are bad
  • You have to sell your soul for money
  • To become wealthy, you have to be bad parent

When you’re exposed to negative programming like this, it influences your core, foundational beliefs – the way you look at yourself and the world. This impacts every major decision you make – such as who you marry, where you go to school, what job you take, and all the daily actions that move you forward to success, or backward toward failure.

The reason so many people live in lack and limitation is because by the time they reach adulthood, they’ve been programmed with so many negative and limiting beliefs, it creates a self-sabotage mindset. Unknowingly, they created a negative or neutral vision for their future.

A surprisingly large number of people in the world have a neutral vision. (These are the people who think they don’t have a vision.) They expect very little out of life, and that’s what they manifest. Their primary goal is to make it through the week without getting fired so they can binge Netflix all weekend without thinking of their lives of quiet desperation until the alarm goes off on Monday morning. For them, life is just something that happens to you.

Many more create a negative vision for their lives. They actually expect bad things to happen to them. They end up sabotaging their own success and creating this reality. They don’t even realize they’re doing this. And you may be one of them…

Each day, television, movies, books, and the people you associate with are subtly programming you. Most of this programming is negative, “lack” programming that erodes your self-esteem, confidence, and belief. This infects your mindset and prevents you from manifesting prosperity.

Put in its simplest terms, you are constantly inundated with negative programming, and if you fall susceptible to it, you’ll subconsciously take actions that harm your chances for earning more money, being healthy, and living with a high degree of happiness. So that leads us back to the million-dollar question…

How can you tell if you’re actually self-sabotaging yourself?

You might not like the answer. In fact, you might hate it. But the truth is, the results you are demonstrating don’t lie. (And neither does your score on the Prosperity Quotient Test.) Pay close attention to what I say next, because I’m only going to say it five times:

Your current situation in life is the direct result of the mindset you have.

Your current situation in life is the direct result of the mindset you have.

Your current situation in life is the direct result of the mindset you have.

Your current situation in life is the direct result of the mindset you have.

Your current situation in life is the direct result of the mindset you have.

If you aren’t manifesting the prosperity you want – and by that I mean optimal health, mental happiness, financial security, healthy relationships, spiritual peace, and a harmonious environment to both live and work – then your mindset is the ultimate culprit. Because all prosperity must be created twice. You create it for the first time by the vision you formulate in your mind. And only then can you create it the second time – in the physical realm. Prosperous people manifest their prosperity with their mindset, using the power of thought.  

If there is a limit to the power of thought, no one has discovered it yet.

There are random acts, but no random lives. We are all victims of negative circumstances and our environment at some point or another.  But when they happen consistently, be assured that you’re doing something to attract them. To overcome these negative situations, you must become a “program director” for your mind. This means you purposely select as much of the stimuli you receive and be mindful about how you respond to the stimuli you don’t volunteer for. Instead of living in victimhood, you become a co-creator of your life, working to develop the highest possible version of yourself. 

Your life is the harvest of the thoughts you give precedence to. And the daily actions those thoughts produce. While it may sound simplistic to some, the profound truth is that when you transform your thoughts, you can transform your life. That’s why your mindset is the single most important element of manifesting prosperity, whether money or health, happiness or relationships. Here’s why:

You don't manifest prosperity to the degree you are worthy of it.  You manifest prosperity in direct proportion to the degree you believe you are worthy of it.

No more. No less. In exact proportion to what you believe you deserve. That’s why your mindset is so important. It’s why you have to police your subconscious mind, take charge of your programming, and work to continually nourish your self-esteem. Because every day of your life, the universe asks you the same question:

How much prosperity are you willing to accept today? 

Please. Don’t allow yourself to live in denial by thinking your life is a random happenstance or that you have a positive mindset but are constantly experiencing negative outcomes by some exception to universal laws. Tragedies, accidents, and misfortunes occur to everyone. But endless cycles of those events occur only to people who co-create them with their negative expectations. Your score on the Prosperity Quotient Test already demonstrated your mindset could use an upgrade. So how can you do that? Glad you asked. Because the answer is the…

Prosperity Mindset Master Class

This Master Class is a brand-new training I’m conducting with Tim Shurr, MA, who is an expert in human behavior and unconscious bias. Together we will break down the process of how your current mindset came to be, and how to reverse engineer it so you can be happier, earn more money, enjoy better relationships, and achieve optimal health.


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It’s the first time we’re working together on a project like this, so we’re going all out. This Master Class is going to be fierce, fast, and dripping with truth bombs. We’ll be doing everything in our power to figuratively grab you by the collar, shake you up, and blow up any limiting beliefs you’re saddled with right now.

However, it’s necessary to warn you…

If you’re looking for a relaxing meditative program affirming what a beautiful and unique snowflake you are – this ain’t it. Speaking for myself, I’ll be the first to admit that while many consider me a mad genius – I have the social skills of an eggplant and swear like a drunken sailor. Tim is an expert in human behavior, and he’s facilitated over 10,000 coaching sessions. Neither one of us is going to puff you up with motivational platitudes. We’re going to get in your grill with real-world info on what is holding you back from achieving the prosperity you deserve to be manifesting. (If you have delicate sensibilities or are easily offended, don’t sign up. There are no refunds and we won’t be pandering to you.)

We will blow up your limiting beliefs. Then we will help you replace them with empowering ones.

Here’s a Brief Outline of the Syllabus:

  • Part One: The 4 Main Sources of Negative Programming
  • Part Two: How to Identify the Limiting Beliefs You Possess
  • Part Three: How to Transform Negative Beliefs into Empowering Ones
  • Part Four: Your Action Steps

By the time we’re done, you’ll discover how to uncover the subconscious “lack” programming that is holding you back and replace it with prosperity consciousness. You will know where to find empowering programming and use it to create the mindset you need to create a truly prosperous life. If time permits, I want to also sneak in the story of how I once made $500,000 in about 20 minutes. 

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What’s the Investment? 

You probably think a Master Class like this should go for 500 bucks. If you were thinking twice that much, you wouldn’t be wrong. It should. But right now, with so many jobs lost, businesses closed, and people struggling in isolation or lockdowns – Tim and I both want to do everything we can to make this available to the most people possible. 

This is a one-time-only, once-in-a-lifetime, pandemic-pandemonium, grab-this-before-my-accountant-sees-this price of only $27.

That’s it. No hidden charges, no extra fees, no bullshit. Twenty-seven bucks to transform your mindset and change your life.

By the end of the information-dense Master Class you will have a new mindset. One that will transform your life.

Because as soon as you develop a prosperity consciousness mindset, you start doing things that allow you to manifest prosperity. You notice opportunities you wouldn’t have seen before. You get offered other opportunities, ones that no one would have trusted you with before.

Because you know you are supposed to be wealthy – and are worthy of it – you act on things that you would have procrastinated on in the past. Or might have never attempted. (Remember: you don’t get the prosperity you deserve. You get the prosperity you think you deserve.)

Everything changes because you have changed.

It’s really that simple. Once you change the way you think, nothing is ever the same again. You are able to manifest things that only months before seemed improbable or impossible. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to get this information out to the world. I hope you’ll be joining us.

- RG



P.S. It should go without saying (but won’t), Tim and I working together, offering a Master Class at such a ridiculously low price probably won’t happen again. Or at least not until the next global pandemic. So take advantage of the low price for this high-level training now!

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Prosperity icon Randy Gage is the author of 13 books, including the New York Times bestsellers Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius. A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, he has conducted programs in more than 50 countries teaching millions of people how to achieve financial abundance. He can help you too!


If you want to blow up limiting beliefs, Tim Shurr, MA, is your guy!  As a leading authority on unconscious beliefs and bias, Tim has authored 5 books including Get Out Of Your Way and One Belief Away! His programs and books have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and TEDX. Tim is the creator of the Building Wealth brain software. 

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