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"Timing is everything and now is the time for One Belief Away at this tipping point in history. Tim, and his mentor, Joe, guide us step by step to a heightened awareness and offer specific actions we must take to overcome all the odds, invisible and real, to achieve authentic, lasting success. Tim Shurr is a change agent you can trust!” 

Denis Waitley, Author of #1 All-Time Best Selling Audio Program, The Psychology of Winning


“Tim's reputation speaks for itself. He has helped to change thousands of people’s lives around the world. Tim has been at rock bottom and climbed his way out. He definitely knows the formula for success. That's why I not only view him as a friend and colleague, but also as a mentor in helping me to impact even more lives on this planet. You, reader, have greatness within you! If you are looking to tap into and release your human potential, I highly recommend reading One Belief Away by Tim Shurr. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!”

Les Brown - #1 Motivational Speaker In The World


“When evaluating a book, I look at the proportion of new and important information --versus padding and fluff.  ONE BELIEF AWAY is at the top of my list for providing the most useful, insightful, and beneficial information. Tim truly lives up to the excellence of this book!”

Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue) - Author of How To Make Your Family Business Last & How To Stay UP In Down Times!


"There are plenty of great books that share deep wisdom about how to elevate your life. I've written many of them myself. However, Tim Shurr takes it a step farther by helping to reprogram your unconscious mind for greater love, faith, and prosperity! If you are looking for a book that will transform your life, you just found it!"

Chris Widener - Best Selling Author of Lasting Impact and Hall Of Fame Speaker

“Since over 2 million people have viewed my TEDx video, How To Believe In Yourself, I know there is a demand and a need for this book! Tim Shurr is a master at releasing people from limiting beliefs, and he should be your guide as well. I’ve studied with the Masters in this field, and now I’ve discovered a new Master, Tim Shurr. Truly, this book will help you make profound changes in your mind that will show up as breakthroughs in your life. I was inspired by Tim, you will be too.” 

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE - Author of The Acorn Principle & The Power Minute! 


"Tim is the pro's pro!"

Bob Burg, Author of the Best-Selling Go-Giver Book Series